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3D Ultrasounds

Seeing your unborn child for the first time is sure to touch your heart. We offer you an opportunity to view your unborn baby by using the 3D ultrasound technology.

3D ultrasound is a medical ultrasound technique, often used during pregnancy, providing three dimensional images of the fetus. In 3D fetal scanning, instead of the sound waves being sent straight down and reflected back (like with a 2D ultrasound), they are sent at different angles. The returning echoes are processed by a sophisticated computer program resulting in a reconstructed three dimensional volume image of fetus's surface or internal organs.

Over 30 years of extensive studies have shown that 3D ultrasound does not cause harm to the fetus or mother. Routine diagnostic 2D ultrasound imaging has become a normal procedure of all pregnancies. 3D ultrasounds use the same intensity of ultrasonic waves in a traditional 2D ultrasound.

We recommend having the 3D ultrasound performed between 23 and 36 weeks. However, excellent images can be obtained anytime after 18 weeks.

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